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The Start of Something New!

It's been quite a while since I have blogged! I should have maintained, however, I'm back at it and excited about the topic today. The Start of Something New; I started with this topic because I have garnered a long relationship with a business mentor of mine, and he has ventured onto something great! He has offered me the opportunity to be a director for his nonprofit organization. Of course, I am excited for this new start, but I can say now, that this new thing has really got me excited about the future of entrepreneurs and what they are going to do, not only for their businesses, but for themselves.

I believe that when you start something new, different, that will challenge you, push you and drive you to experience one of the many sides of life, entrepreneurship, you are invigorated and find out you can do this new thing and that it's not going to defeat you! Every opportunity, every challenge, breakthrough or block or tree in the road is and will be a testament that you are still moving forward on that road. However, I want you, the reader to understand something, you are on this road, alone! There may not be someone, physically, to hold your hand or walk with you, however, there will always be this spiritual connection that will always be with you! This "inner man", this "spirit that is driving you", it's that connection, spiritually to the Holy Spirit, to God, that will guide you and lead you to all things new! What you will experience in the start of this new thing will always be directed towards the satisfaction you will feel when accomplishments surface. When you make the decision to listen to yourself and go with your gut, on this new thing, that sense of accomplishment is amazing! It's so good that it almost makes you feel like you were a kid again, accomplishing something as a child, riding a bike by yourself, beating that level on Call of Duty, Black Ops, climbing the wall and ringing the bell in the rock-climbing sessions! That sense of accomplishment will not only occur once, but over and over again, because you made the decision to start something new!

Isn't it amazing? I think it is! I want to encourage you to do it and start this new thing that you want to accomplish. Talk it out, write it down, put it on a calendar, look at, change it, move this, move that, put it all back together again and do it! The Start of Something New should drive you to expect good and great things for whatever the new thing is! Congratulations to you now and I hope I get the opportunity to hear feedback on the new thing or things you decide to start!


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