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501(c)(3) Exemption & Revoked

The Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status allows you to become an organization with unlimited possibilities regarding the growth of your organization.  The receipt of revenue that is received is completely tax deductible and there is no limit on the amount of revenue you can receive.  Your exemption status does not take long to receive because we provide all of the necessary documentation in order to receive your status.


Fast501c3, Incorporated makes life easier for your business, ministry or organization.  We take all of the worries away when it comes to completing all of the necessary paperwork required by the IRS.  Our company was a selected company to assist in the survey of the streamlined process and by this process our formed organizations received their exempt status in less than 30 days!


We complete the application and documentation returned to your business within two-weeks or less or we will donate a portion of your purchase back to your organization.  Certain rules apply.



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