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It has been quite sometime since I have been on to write to you. Over the past three months or more I have experienced, some highs in business and some lows. God inspiring opportunities and Holy Spirit redirected experiences. I can't list or tell you about all of them now, but I will tell you this, my relationship with God and the Holy Spirit has increased so much, if you have a question about your faith, get in tune with these two individuals as you learn more about the third person, which is Jesus Christ. I promise I will detail all later, but I will share this one experience. In receiving my education in the ministry and learning about spiritual gifts, I have found out that I have the gift of prophecy. I have always had it but I didn't k know what I was actually doing. Now I am not saying this for recognition or for personal reward, but I am saying it to share an experience. In this particular experience, I had not talked to a business partner of mine and he shared a particular concern that he had not spoken to his son and that he was ready for his wife and for his family. Now, keep in mind, my business partner always speaks of his relationships with his wife to be and his future family he wants God to bless him with, but he rarely speaks of his son. He would always speak of where he wanted to live which was in a prominent part of Dallas where it would afford him a different form of living and social life. In the next few weeks I had gotten very busy with opportunities in New York and working on business locally and then on one Tuesday morning, before work, I was sitting on the side of my bed, and the Holy Spirit said to me,"He needs to reach out to his son." I asked, because immediately I knew, "My partner,(but I said his name)?" The Holy Spirit said, "He can't live where he wants to live because he will not be able to have a family there." I said, "Yes Lord, I understand." I knew who the Holy Spirit was talking about and knew who He had me concerned about and who I needed to pray for. A few weeks later, on a Thursday night, I met my partner at my church and we spoke for a minute. He begin to tell me about how he had heard from his cousin. His cousin begin to tell him about what was going on with his son and that he was not handling his business at school and that he needed to check on him. He later begin to tell me that he had been praying and God revealed to him that he couldn't move or live where he wanted to live, because he would not be able to raise a family there with his wife to be. I just sat back and laughed and out loud, because the Holy Spirit had revealed it to me earlier. I later shared the information that I knew about his dilemma because the Holy Spirit told me and he was thankful to God about this occurrence. I say all of this and tell just one of the experiences because I am asking you to listen to the Holy Spirit inside of you. Listen to that small voice, that first mind, that instinct that you have that warns you about things that are happening right now in your life, that warn you about people or foretell of a particular personality of someone or about the environment your in regarding business or your personal life. I am a witness that it will definitely help you in your daily walk with God, in your life, in your family and in your business.

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