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1st Quarter Review

Since my last blog, some time ago, I have taken a journey personally and also with my business. In this journey, there has been much prayer, requests and experiences. To take you further, there is a reason why this blog spot is vital and it is also important that I continue it consistently as I understand how important it is for me to document success, strategies, obstacles and experiences. This blog, 1st Quarter Review is a synopsis of how God has changed my life and my business in this 2015 year. I was told by many and by my Pastors and other spiritual leaders that this year is a year of increase, prosperity, of everything that we prayed for in 2014 will come to pass in 2015. I must say that when I hear things like this, I do take it in, think about what I have prayed for and receive it. The blessing is powerful, once God begins to "open the window and pour you out a blessing that you will not have room enough to receive."

In December of 2014, there was a lot of ending and breaking away from people and businesses that did not edify me personally and in my business. I did not understand what that was until I started seeking God more about what was going on with the people and businesses in my life and why bad things and scenarios were happening?

I learned that it wasn't me! I wasn't the one that had the problem, the issues, the concerns, the doubt, the give-up spirit or you need to get a job demand, it was the other people. My problem was that I needed to let them go because they were not going to stop being who they were and/or stop having the opinion, observation, and perspective that they had. So when I decided to let them go, that's when the change came. The change was that I was all by myself, just me and God and this business. It was lonely, but I understood it. It was challenging, but I was up for the task. It was purifying, because I had to totally trust that He would do it for me instead of me doing it for myself. What is the doing it? It was the prayer for more business and the growth in my business that I didn't have. It was the trusting that He would supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory. It was the, try me, prove me now, and see... It was the Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, all thine mind and all thine body and lean not to your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path. When this was done, I had to remember it daily, practice it daily, believe in it daily, and trust in it daily in order to stop the worrying, doubting and thinking that if I help God out, we can work better together! It's the opposite, totally.

This 1st Quarter Review was the increase from the small amount of business, no revenue in my account to a recorded, small business revenue of $18,000. Now this maybe small to some and a lot to others, but to me it's the results of seeing what God can do for my business in a small amount of time. It is the Wow. It is the, I have to start somewhere and I am so thankful that I started this year off with God at the helm. Having this picture financially allows for recorded growth in my business as I begin to develop other relationships with other businesses. This is portfolio management for me. This is thankfulness and prayer for me. This is I trust and believe in God to show me more as I wrote down in my vision. If you read, Habbakuk 2:1-4, then you understand what it says and you will do what it says and believe that it will come to pass. It says, I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what He will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved. And the Lord answered me, and said, write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie; though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: bu the just just shall live by faith." I hope this helps someone in their increase and relationship with God.

I hope this will be a blessing to you as you read this and please share this with others.

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